It's kind of traditional for agencies and consultants to be cagy and coy about their rates. I don't like that; I want people to know what my work is going to cost them. So here it is:


My "normal" rate is €55 per hour. If you're part of a large company, and your main purpose is making a profit, that's what I reckon my time is worth.

The Other Rate

However, if you're coming from an organisation that's minority-owned, or minority-run, a charity, an environmentally-involved company, or the like, you qualify for the special rate, €35 per hour. I can't take on too many such contracts, so you might need to wait a little while, but you'll get it for less.

Meetings & The Wake-up Surcharge

Initial consultation meetings are always free, and there are absolutely no hard feelings if you decide not to go ahead with a project after that. Remote meetings (Zoom, etc) are charged at the normal hourly rate, and I'm pretty good at getting through an agenda quickly. If I need to travel to a meeting, I charge for the hours of travel as well as the meeting itself. If I have to wake up early to do so, there's a surcharge which will vary depending on how early it is.

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