I provide training in all the areas where I provide services, as well as in general marketing operations, and marketing planning - that is, working out a marketing strategy, and making it go. Talk to me about classes - I can do one on one training, or groups of up to six people. In pandemic conditions, I prefer to teach remotely over Zoom or the like, but when that clears up, I’ll happily do in-person courses at your place of business too. Ongoing one-to-one coaching is another possibility.

Paid Search Management

You’re probably not getting the best from your Google Ads or Bing Ads campaigns. I can safely say this because there’s always room to improve. If you’re confident in running your ads, I can take a look and give you some pointers, and otherwise, I can run them for you. Sometimes, I’ll even tell you to stop running them - there are some businesses for which paid search just isn’t a good channel.

Content Planning

Content is pretty central to marketing success, particularly when you can’t just throw money at the problem. You can get places just by writing about whatever mostly relevant thing comes to mind - indeed, that’s my best advice for newsletters - but you’ll do better for website and social media content if you have a plan. I can build that plan for you, providing a year-long (or longer!) calendar of what to write and when, with the steps of editing, proofing, and publication built in.

Content Writing

I can write for you, too. You’re the expert on your business, so I’ll talk to you extensively, write down what you say, and then translate that into beautifully written, clear, appealing content for your website or newsletter or social media posts. I can also carry out research, for the topics you haven’t had time to explore, and write that up in the same style. Your blog won’t know itself!

Social Media Management

Social media can be hard to get to grips with. I've been dealing with it since before the term "social media" was a thing, so I can sort that out for you. I can run your Facebook pages and Twitter feeds for you, or show you how to do it best, integrating with the way your business works, what you sell, and what you want to promote.

Search Engine Optimisation

Making your site appear in the search engines is a bit of a black art. I can't promise you'll be on the first page of the search engines for every term you want - and if someone is promising you that, don't believe them - but I can get you search engine traffic, which is rather more the point. It's slow work, so I'll only take this on if I'm going to be working with you over a few months.

Email Marketing

The days of email have come back, rather unexpectedly, and email marketing and newsletters are where it's at. I'll show you how to write email for your business, and get you started on getting subscribers for your mailing list. Or I can just write it for you, of course.

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